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250 Mood Stadium Cups (17 oz.)

ese stadium cups are made without handles so recipients can see the cups change color as they hold their drinks. If you can't handle drinking without a handle though, the personalized Mood Beer Stein (14 Oz.) is an excellent option as well, taking the mood theme and running with it. Consider giving both together as a drinkware set that's sure to put the recipient in a fantastic mood! Each colorful plastic cup's exterior changes shades depending on the temperature of the liquid inside. Plus, you can choose between several different cup colors (see the product specs for options). Pour a cold drink into these magic mood cups and watch them change color before your eyes when warmed by the drinker's hands. Hope you're in the mood to learn more about this amazing item, because I have more to tell you: The colder the drink, the faster the color change occurs. This cup was practically made for slushies and smoothies. The frosted cups have the same opacity and color of a lot of glow-in-the-dark items. Sad to say that the Mood Stadium Cup does NOT glow in the dark, because that would just be too much coolness for one promo item. The cup is extremely durable and won't break even if it's squeezed and bent by someone's really tight grip. The imprint won't get scratched or rubbed off with normal use. This drinkware is great for sports teams and family gatherings of all sizes and ages! No one can stay in a bad mood with fun color changing promo products in their hands.